Monday, June 13, 2011

LUSH UK Spree #1 (closed)

Hi all,

I am organising a LUSH UK spree to get some of the items that I would like, please feel free to join in if you are comfortable with the terms & conditions.

Note: No perfumes!

Spree closing on:
GBP150 per batch

Exchange rate
GBP1 = SGD 2.2

Mode of Payment
Posb savings 065-59752-7 (No inter-bank transfer)

There will be 2 payments.
1st - Payment for items + initial shipping of SGD2 per item
2nd - Local postage fee + top-up for shipping fee (if any, will be divided based on weight of items purchased) + handling fee of SGD0.50

Payment to be made within 24 hours after order is placed, otherwise order will be ignored.

Distribution of Items
Postage or Meetups (at my convenience for bulky items at Queenstown or Clementi).

Via direct international post :> Me -> You
Waiting time for items to arrive in Singapore after order is placed could be up to 1 month. Please only join the spree if you are willing to wait.

Order format (post in comment)
Username and Name:
Email Address:
Account Type/No: in case of refunds
Mode of collection: Normal Post / Registered Post / Meet up
Order #1
Item Name:
Weight: In items that comes in various capacity
Total number of items:
Total cost in GBP: GBP
Grand total: (Total price of items x 2.2) + ($2 x no. of items) = SGD

Internet banking id:
Amount transferred:
Transaction number:


Jul 1: Order placed
Jul 4: Items shipped out by LUSH UK

1 comment:

  1. Username and Name: violet
    Email Address:
    Account Type/No: 137-60223-7 (POSB Savings)
    Mode of collection: Normal Post

    Order #1
    Item Name: Back for Breakfast (shower gel)
    Qty: 1
    Weight: 100g
    Alt: -
    Price: GBP4.20

    Order #2
    Item Name: Happy Hippy (shower gel)
    Qty: 1
    Weight: 250g
    Alt: -
    Price: GBP5.80
    Total number of items: 2
    Total cost in GBP: GBP10.00
    Grand total: (GBP10 x 2.2) + ($2 x 2) = SGD26.00

    Internet banking id: violet
    Amount transferred: SGD26.00
    Transaction number: 6847354580